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Explore Australia

Planning a trip to Australia? We are here to help you get the best air fare and add value to your money. Explore Australia with Duke’s Court Travel.

Australia is the sixth largest landmass in the world and it is a continent itself, which explains why you need to visit this diverse country. Discover the famous cities; Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra etc. Explore the popular tourist attractions in Australia; the Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Hunter Valley & Blue Mountains etc. Witness the Great Ocean Road and what island life has to offer; don’t miss out on the amazing beaches, coral reefs and the water sports.

Don’t forget to experience the wild life, where some of the animals are mostly seen only in Australia such as; Kangaroo, Koala, Wallaby, the Wombat and the Tasmanian Devil, Kookaburra and Emu birds. Indulge yourself with the variety of cuisines that Australia has to offer and do not forget to taste some of the world’s best wines.

Australia has it all for you, a multi-cultural country, excellent shopping, cultural sites such as art galleries and museums, scenic national parks, mountains, waterfalls and rainforest.

Visiting Australia is a treat to any traveller, whether it’s for business or vacation. Our team at Duke’s Travel Court will assure you the best air fare. Hurry and book your flight to Australia now with Duke’s Court Travel. Browse through our flight offers below to find the cheapest flight to Australia.